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Sunday, November 13, 2011 / 2:19 AM

Things now had changed and kau dah bukan syahid yang aku kenal, you changed a lot. before, I'm the first one to know everything now seem that I'm the last one to get to know about everything worsen I've to find out from your friends.. sad much huh? Your feelings to me seems to fade away. Now, We seldom meet each other, we seldom talk on the phone and we dont text anymore. Is it even hard for you to reply one text message? i would be glad if you do. whenever i tried to call you, you'll get pissed and fucked up. It's not that I dont understand you.. i dont mind if I got to meet for only 5minutes, but you dont want to meet me at all. Come on, kau dah nak masuk ns, if we're not gonna spent time now. then when? I understand that you're busy that's is why I do not demand you for an 24 hours attention. As you had promises that saturday is our day to spent time together but now it decreases. Saturday skg tak free tak free, kalau keluar pun lepak ngn kwn kwn. kita tak spent time dua orang punn. kalau lepak ngn kwn kwn kau pun bukan nya kau layan aku. aku terpaksa layan diri sendiri ataupun layan kwn kwn kau. kalau gitu puas hati aku lepak jeh ngan kwnkwn kau, takya jumpa kau, be glad that even i felt this way I didn't bring up as an issue to. Doesn't meant i didn't tell you anything, I don't feel a thing. I do. You lied, You cheat, You left me alone on the road and you did something disgraceful, you scold me, you talked bad about my family, you compared me, you leave me for other girl, you hurt me alot.. but where am I? I'm still here forgiving and forgiving over and over again.. did I leave you? NO I don't wherelse i keep coming back to you despite all the shit you gave. I didn't say that I'm an angel. yes. I'm a human being I commit mistakes too I did scolded you, I'm over protective, getting angry out of insecurity, I lied about my past.. cos why? cos i do not want to lose you.. No matter how angry i am towards you, i'll put my ego aside to console you.. countless of times been coming down to your voideck at late night to console, but you do even care.. you do ever come down to meet me? no you don't.. You seems not to cared if you were to lose me. there's no trust in this r/s. I dont know if you're worth my time, worth to stay or even worth to fight for.. I'm just clapping with one hand. cos it's me who had always stand for this 2 r/s.. patience have it's limit.. I can't be all alone for this. if you did not change at all don't blame me if i have to leave.. If i have the courage to move on don't come back to me. but now.. my happiness is in you. please change.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011 / 12:58 AM
Sorry for mia-ing from blogging, didn't have the time to update my blog was too busy with twitter and facebook. Today, the second week of fasting month and today was the worst feeling i had, having monday blues, cock-up monday then the usually days i had. i did not slept for the whole day, insomnia i guess. therefore, i thought after having my pre dawn meal i could have straight away go to school as today is a half day for national day celebration. apart from that i got debared for my icss module, i have to attend the module this time, i thought we would be having icss module today unfotunately there is no lessons and i wasted my time for going to school for only 1 and half hours and the rest was just stupid performances. i got pissed and went home, was supposed to have my beauty sleep but i just cant shut my eyes and there were some people irritaed me. they have to, i was awaked all the way until i got off to work. and for buka i only had a slice of pizza. some people just could not see otherss being happy.

i wish everything will be back the way it was
Saturday, July 16, 2011 / 11:45 PM

B[best] F[friend] F[forever]

I just miss the bff thingy the three of us used to have, used to have fun with and mostly the time we used to spent during or after school to study together teaching each other.

rmbr, those time when shira was attacked by those birds? we ran all the way to checked if she's alright, i miss that part and those weekends before me and shira going off to work we would spent for just a little while to study under the voideck at tampines. i miss those part too. Rmbr those time we used to claim that bff would always stay together.
To azhar, i'm sorry i should'nt have liked you in the first placed, i should'nt put any hopes on you. I would rather things stay as being bff not more than that. i know i hurt you too much but please if only i could turned back the time i would'nt want things to happened like this, i would want things to stay like the first day we met in school as friends and be you bff . I let you off from trouble as i gave alot of it. i know now everything mean nothing to you, i know you hate me for everything i had done or caused you. i'm sorry my friend )':

To shira, I should'nt had neglected you, should'nt had made you feel left out being with us. i should'nt have let you walked alone until now you have found your friends, i'm sorry for not being there, i'm sorry i didn't showed that i cared.
I'm sorry i'm the caused of everything. i've ruined our friendship. I just wish that everything would be back to the way it was (':


from: [f]orever, durrah (':


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